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Ashley Nordman

About Ashley

"I ultimately want all of you to be successful, happy, and confident in yourselves, especially since I know how it feels to be insecure and unhappy with your body image. I am honored to work with you all through the 1and1 platform, and I look forward to making you one of my success stories!"

Ashley Nordman was born and raised in a small town near Chicago, Illinois. Growing up, she was an athletic tomboy and played sports like Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Track, and ran Cross Country. In high school she made it to the State Finals of Track and Cross Country, placing in multiple events. Ashley was extremely thin and weak as she began her senior year of high-school. This was due to running over 10 miles a day and not having an understanding of proper nutrition habits. At the time, Ashely was 5’6” and weighed about 100 pounds, causing her to be very insecure about her figure. During this time she suffered from issues with her body image, restrictive dieting, depression, and anxiety.

A few months later Ashley began school at the University of Illinois, where she studied Marketing and Advertising. While in college, Ashley fell in love with the gym. For the first time in her life she had access to a full service gym with tons of equipment, something that she never had growing up. She then studied and learned about the right way to eat and train, focusing on adding protein and complex carbs to her diet.

 Soon after, Ashley competed in her first fitness competition. In November of 2012 she competed in and won the OCB Midwest States, placing First and First Overall in Figure. The following year she competed in the NPC USA Coastal and placed First and First Overall in Figure, qualifying for Nationals. In the spring of 2014, Ashley placed 2nd in the NPC Mid-Illinois Championships, 3rd in the NPC NYC Metropolitans, and also placed in the NPC Pittsburgh Championships. In May of 2014 Ashley placed 5th in Figure in the NPC Jr. USA’s, and in 2015 she competed in Jr. USA's, Jr. Nationals, and Team Universe, where she placed Top 10 in the nation.

Ashley is now a certified personal trainer and mentor via her online coaching service and has worked with many of her clients in person. In December of 2016 she earned a Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Team 1and1 is extremely excited to have Ashley as a Fitness and Contest Prep Coach.

Ashley Nordman

On a trip? Enjoy some tasty foods and drinks.. and relax! BUT, the key here is moderation!

What's up guys!!!  It's Ashley! Are a lot of you traveling for the holidays? I’m going to Jamaica with my family next month, and I am SO excited! I figured I would offer some advice when it comes to staying on track while you're rocking a bikini! ;) Now I do expect you (and myself) to live a little.. enjoy some tasty foods and drinks.. and relax! BUT, the key here is moderation, lol... you don’t want to be miserable the whole trip! Here's my advice 1. Pack some snacks to eat during the day! I always bring things like single serving almonds packets, Quest bars, beef jerky, dried fruit,...
12/09/2016 - 9:12am